About US

The Mil Veranos ranch has been in our family since grandfather Ascencion bought in 1920.

Oscar & Gini

Oscar met Gini in 1990 when as a single parent with two boys was interviewing 5th grade teachers who would teach his sons. It was love at first sight for Oscar. After a year of trying to convince Gini to marry him Gini said: "You're not ready to get married again. Call me in a year if you still want to marry me.". The following Monday and every Monday Oscar sent Gini two dozen roses and a note with two words "Mil Veranos". Marry me and I promise you a 1000 summers! After 18 weeks Gini said "Yes".

Mil Veranos Vineyard

Oscar inherited the ranch in 2015. Gini said lets start a vineyard. Oscar said "Yes".

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